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Notebook and Pen

Our Story

As a funeral director, Michael has provided services for grieving families for years. What he didn't expect was the amount of families who experience a loss during pregnancy. Michael's family owned funeral home has supported these families by providing funeral services at no cost since its opening in 1922.

The amount of gratitude and comfort these families felt from what he considered such a small gesture was remarkable.  He experienced a strong calling and vision that there was more to be done; These services are something all families should have access to.  Thus, the Baby Spirit Foundation was formed.

His dream was to assemble a team of passionate people to help ease the pain and grief of families who have lost their baby.  Our group of volunteers, donors and supporters is what makes the Baby Spirit Foundation what it is today!

Our Story

Our Mission

The Baby Spirit Foundation serves families and individuals who have experienced pregnancy or infant loss up to 12 months of age.  We strive to lessen the family's emotional burden over time by providing them with honorable funeral services, education, and an emotional support program.

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